by Ruth Tynes

Homecoming Dance Fashion

Hi ITT girls !!!

A fun School Memory to create is to Attend the Homecoming Dance! It's a great Special Event to DRESS UP for, DANCE, and SOCIALIZE in a way that you may not normally.

Here are some of My Fashion Tips to help Your Experience be as comfy as possible:

* SIZE MATTERS - "Dressing Up" doesn't automatically equal "discomfort". Most of the People who complain about Fashion, it's because they personally refuse to buy Clothing / Shoes that fit.

* GO GREEN - If you are wanting a unique, one-time Look for the Event, consider Renting an Outfit. Also, consider Shopping the Closet of a willing Family Member and/or Friend. Otherwise, buy a versatile Outfit that you can wear throughout Your Life for other Special Occasions / Events.

* KNOW THAT ACCIDENTS HAPPEN - The sky is the limit... Food spills, dirt, snags, tears, etc. etc. Never get too attached mentally to Material Objects, because they are not Invincible.

* BRING MINIMUM - A cute Crossbody Purse provides just enough space for the things you do need to bring and it allows you to comfortably keep them with you at all times. This style of Purse helps keep your hands free for Dancing, Snacking / Drinks, Photos, etc.

Thank you for Visiting! I hope you find some extra Inspiration for Your Day! =)


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