by Ruth Tynes

Homecoming Float Meetings Fashion

Hi ITT girls !!!

A fun School Memory to create is to Volunteer to help build a Homecoming Parade Float! It's a great way to Meet different Students, Teachers, and Parents that you may not normally Interact with.

Here are some of My Fashion Tips to help Your Experience be as comfy as possible:

* WEAR YOUR HAIR UP - A cute Ponytail, Topknot, Headband, Hair Clip, etc. gets rid of the distraction of Hair falling in your Face while Working.

* WEAR CLOTHES THAT YOU DON'T MIND GETTING DIRTY - Glitter, Paint, Glue, etc. are pretty much guaranteed to say "Hi!" to Your Outfit. I like to have a variety of Outfits in My Wardrobe that are cute, yet expendable for occasions such as this.

* BRING MINIMUM - A cute Mini Backpack provides just enough space for the things you do need to bring and it allows you to comfortably keep them with you at all times.

Thank you for Visiting! I hope you find some extra Inspiration for Your Day! =)


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