by Ruth Tynes

School Spirit Week Fashion

Hi ITT girls !!!

A fun School Memory to create is to Participate in "School Spirit Week Dress Up Days"! It's a great way to EXPRESS YOUR SCHOOL SPIRIT and JUST HAVE FUN in ways that you may not normally.

Here are some of My Fashion Tips to help Your Experience be as comfy as possible:

* PLAN AHEAD - Get a List of the Theme for each Day. Then start Planning Your Outfits ahead of time.

* WEAR THINGS YOU ALREADY HAVE FIRST - After you have confirmed the Theme for each Day, access your current Wardrobe for Items that fit into that first.

* MAKE A SHOPPING LIST - As you are Creating each Outfit, make a List of Items that you would like to Buy to enhance it. This makes Your Shopping Trips easier to navigate.

* GO GREEN - Consider Shopping the Closet of a willing Family Member and/or Friend for Items to enhance Your Outfits. Also, try to buy versatile Items that you can wear throughout Your Life in a variety of situations.

* ROCK IT! - You have Worked Hard to Create a fun Outfit that You feel good about! Never let a Jealous, Insecure, Mean Guy / Girl / Teacher / etc. steal Your Happiness!

Thank you for Visiting! I hope you find some extra Inspiration for Your Day! =)


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