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Room Cleaning Tips

Q: I need tips on how to keep my space clean during the school year!

ITT: SCHEDULE BIG CLEANING DAYS - On a day that isn't busy, clean every corner of your space. (ex. - mirrors, dusting, vacuuming, door knobs, etc.)

PINPOINT ACTIVE AREAS - Focus on keeping areas that you use the most during the week tidy daily. (ex. - desk, bathroom, closet, bed, etc.)

RE-VISIT "BABY STEPS" - Get back into the habit of putting things away after you use them, making the bed before you leave, wiping up spills when they happen, etc.

TRY TO PLAN AHEAD - Planning can help unorganized situations from occurring. (Spotlight Bible verse = Proverbs 21:5)

Published on September 1, 2010 by Ruth Tynes / In the Times magazine Editor

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