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Sticky Notes 101

Q: I would like to start using "Sticky Notes", what are the basics that I need to know?

ITT: First off, for those that don't know what "Sticky Notes" are, they are pieces of paper that have a strip of adhesive on the backside. The "sticky" substance allows you to attach the pieces of paper to various surfaces. ;)

#1 - Not all "Sticky Notes" are created equally. Unfortunately, the sticky factor (lol) of all Sticky Notes is not the same. This means that you are going to have to determine what brand(s) work for your needs by trial and error. Editor's Note - I personally use the brands pictured above, I suggest starting your personal trial and error period with these. ;)

#2 - Keep them handy in your Work Space. You shouldn't have to look for them when an idea hits. Invest in a cute dispenser that you will enjoy looking at and using on a regular basis. Read our article "Decor Pick: Cute Sticky Note Dispensers" for style ideas and tips! If your Sticky Notes are already contained in a pretty "Folio" (which is a sort of carrying case) make sure to display it somewhere close.

#3 - Collect a variety of Colors, Designs, and Sizes. This is the fun part! ;) Different colors/designs help your note(s) stand out to you (thus reminding you) against a variety of surfaces. Each of your projects have different size capacities, having a variety of sizes of Sticky Notes on hand, ensures that you never overwhelm or underwhelm your space. You'll always have a Sticky Note that fits just right!


+ Day Planner and/or Calendar
+ Bible
+ Books, Magazines, & Catalogs
+ Notebooks, Binders, Folders, & Dividers
+ Desk
+ Computer Monitor
+ Tablet Case
+ Mirror
+ Car (don't post info that should remain private)

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Published on October 21, 2016 by Ruth Tynes / In the Times magazine Editor

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